Shaft Lifts

Shaft Lifts for your Home, the Easy Range Of Home Lifts

A range of shaft lifts solutions enabling you to travel between floors of your home with ease and comfort, in styles to seamlessly reflect and complement.

Shaft Lifts The Easy Range of Home Lifts
Home Lifts - Designed to fit into a purpose built shaft

Shaft Lifts are lifts designed to fit into a purpose built shaft within your home. Put simply a shaft lift by definition is a lift within a shaft that allows you to travel between floors in a vertical manner. Lifts for Houses can provide bespoke size shaft lift cars that are able fit into any home. Minimal lift pit and minimal headroom requirements, 240v single phase supply with up to 6 stops, and which can even be provided with fully automated sliding doors. This means the Lift can be a one touch operation, just like your own affordable passenger lift within your home. These affordable Shaft Lifts for any home lift solution can be supplied and installed from only £17,000.00.

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Lifts for Houses are able to offer a variety of shaft lift solutions and styles to complement your home. Shaft lifts can be tailored and installed in may ways to also suit your own personal style. Please select a thumbnail to view full size photograph…

If you would like more information on Shaft Lifts for your home, including budgets, requirements, or ordering, please contact Lifts for Houses directly. We are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have, offering advice and solutions to meet your needs and requirements.

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If your Lift is being installed as part of a Disabled adaptation to allow access to your property you may be able to apply for a grant application and also VAT Exemption.

Disability Grants

Domestic Lifts would not normally come under these regulations / for information purposes only

Part M building regulations Public Access

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

CIBSE Guide D: Transportation Systems in Buildings 2015

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